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Windows eclipse set up android_ndk development environment

1,Install cygwin:

  Because the NDK compiler code must use make and GCC, so you must first build a linux environment, cygwin is a Windows platform running on the UNIX simulation environment, it is to learn unix/linux operating environment, or applications from UNIX to windows transplant, very useful. Through it, you can use the NDK without installing Linux case to compile C, C++ code.

  First download the cygwin installer setup.exe. Download the address is:

  When installing the ALL in order to avoid missing tools such as GCC.

  After the installation is complete click Finish to complete the installation. The following test cygwin is it right? Has been installed.:

Run cygwin in the pop-up window, command line input: cygcheck -c cygwin command, will print version and the running state of the current cygwin, if status is OK, then run cygwin. And then enter the GCC – version, g++ –version, make – GDB – version, version test, if the print version information description and some information, tell you very happy, your cygwin installation is complete.!

2,Download Android NDK


  Download the installation package, and then extract to: D:\android-ndk-r4.

3,The integration of cygwin and Android NDK

  Edit the file: D:\cygwin\home\Administrator\.bash_profile, are added at the end:

  # Android NDK


  export PATH=”$NDK:$PATH”

Save the restart after the cygwin (-> operation: cygwin).

4,Install CDT

  CDT is a component of the eclipse the c++ development kit, this statement, the use of NDK development Android is not required for CDT. If you have CDT installed, will in the future review others c++ code bring some convenience. Enter the address below page:

You can see:

CDT 7.0.2 for Eclipse Helios

Eclipse package: EclipseC/C++ IDE Helios SR2.

p2 software repository:

Note URL:

Open the eclipse menu Window->Install new Software,

Work with:

[Next> button [Select; All], CDT], install and update. After the completion of, you can create, edit, compile in eclipse, debugging C/C++ programs (but this program is not born to be a Android NDK program. Option more to gradually explore).

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