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HTML commonly used identification

After the sirloin video, I believe that everyone has a feeling: Web development is too difficult. A variety of labels, various elements, coupled with CSS and DIV, JS etc.. But don’t worry, these will be detailed in the next stage of our study. This does not, now through studying Sun Xin teacher HTML video, I think all the HTML logo was originally very simple ~ I to a simple summary of commonly used identification in Html.

First of all need to illustrate the relationship between Web and HTML. Got to get confused about this knowledge. Say first we usually the most common WWW, WorldWide Web (World Wide Web) abbreviation. The world wide web is what we usually call Web. The Web page is actually a kind of document, HTML is a markup language for this document.

Secondly, say HTML., It is a kind of hypertext markup language. Why it is called hypertext? Hypertext is a method with the hyperlink, the various space text information organization in the network text. Hypertext is a user interface paradigm, used to display text and text related content.

Finally, the macro understanding of Web and HTML, we’ll have a look to the common identifier HTML what are the. By teacher Sun Xin’s video, we can probably understand the commonly used identification of HTML can be divided into two parts: one part is the label; the other part is elements. Getting started with Web development, this is the most confused my place. The difference here I come to talk about “tag” and “elements”.

1 label: HTML tag is the basic unit of the HTML language

a) Characteristic:

Keywords I. by angle brackets, for example<html>

Ii. usually come in pairs, such as<div> And </div>

The III. tag in the first label is the start tag, second labels is the end tag,

IV. also has a separate presentation of the label, such as: <imgsrc=” images/1.jpg” /> etc.

V. generally appear in pairs of labels, its content in the middle of two tags. Separate rendered label, then the label attribute Fu value. Such as <h1> /h1> and < Title <type=” input; text” value=” button” />

b) Species:

Be careful: HTML tagCase insensitiveThe “subject, for example”<body>With<BODY>That the meaning is the same, Recommended use lowercase.

2 elements: the HTML element refers to from the start tag (start tag) to the end tag (endtag) of all of the code.

a) Characteristic:

I. HTML elements in the start tag to start, end tag termination

The contents of the ii. element is a start tag and end tag content between

III. some HTML elements with empty content

IV. empty elements were closed in the start tag

V. most HTML elements can have attributes

b) Species:

In short, the difference between the two: the element consists of a start tag and end tag, used to contain some elements.

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